At Workplace Benefits, we know that you are not getting older, you’re getting better! And we’re here to help you transition into the best chapter of your life.

As you approach 65, we know that it can be overwhelming with all of the mail and phone calls that you receive in regards to your Medicare choices. We simplify the process for you and our consultations are free!

We offer a wide variety of Medicare supplement carriers, and work to find the right insurance company that best fits your needs.

In addition to helping you with your supplement, we can also assist you on choosing the right Part D Prescription Card. During our meeting, we will make sure that all of your medications are covered on the drug plan of your choice.

As you enter into this season of your life, we know that there are several other concerns that you may have. While we are a huge proponent of long term care insurance, we also know that it can be very expensive. Which is why our team at Workplace Benefits represent long term care companies as well as home health care carriers, which can prove to be a more affordable option.

Workplace Benefits not only represents LTC carriers, but home health care companies as well, which can prove to be a more affordable option. WB also represents dental, vision, and life products specifically designed for seniors.

Contact us today and we look forward to working with you soon!