Cut Your Costs in HALF!

Cut Your Costs in HALF!

Illustration figuratively showing the process of bills cutting

Trying to get your budget LEAN in 2018? 

How about CUTTING your HEALTH INSURANCE costs in HALF!

If you and your family are:

  • HEALTHY with no pre-existing conditions,
  • you are NOT eligible for a subsidy (sometimes it still works if even if you are eligible for a subsidy),
  • DO NOT need a drug card,
  • you DO NOT need maternity
  • you are approaching 65 and healthy

then a short term plan could potentially cut your costs BY MORE THAN HALF

Here’s what people are saying about it:

“Workplace Benefits is a life saver for self-employed people trying to navigate around the ACA and renewing their health ins. Call them!!”

-Shauna Van Bogart

If YOU think any of these ideas might work for YOU or ANYONE YOU KNOW, 

let us know and we will run the numbers for you.


reese@benefitwork, 843-856-3757