Short Term Peace of Mind

Short Term Peace of Mind

“I really only need coverage for a short period of time. Can you help me out?”

Yes, yes we can.

What are the advantages of the Short Term Policy?

  • Few health questions (hard to get turned down)
  • More affordable premiums
  • You can select exactly how long you would like to have the policy

So, who is this product good for? Well, we think it’s great for…

  • College aged kids who may be in between school and a job
  • Even though you can stay on your parents plan up to age 26, it still may be more affordable to have a short term policy while you’re looking for a job
  • A professional who is in between jobs and COBRA is too expensive
  • If you’ve left your job or been laid off, a short term policy is a good affordable alternative while you figure out your next step
  • Those approaching age 65 who may only need coverage for several months before they are eligible for Medicare.
  • If you’re looking to save premium dollars, a short term policy is a viable option until it’s time to apply for Medicare

Ultimately, you don’t ever want to get caught without health insurance. Why? Well, you never know if your next accident or sickness could put you into financial ruin.

A short term policy is a great option because if anything should happen it gives you the peace of mind that you would be covered.